• Renato Zane

Leaders Are Made

Not everyone is open to workplace support or training. Many people change their performance habits grudgingly or not at all. Some are single-task specialists who just want to be left alone. Others don't want to improve their communication skills and don't care about better ways to interact with the different personality types around them. Maybe some have been scarred by previous bad experiences at work. Some don't care about improving their relationship with their supervisor or finding ways to help a group's broader mission and purpose.

However, if you work in a modern organization that relies on teamwork, technology, innovation and communication, these tendencies will not help you.

My ideal clients are people who want to grow as professionals and as human beings, who see the workplace as a cool place to mould themselves into a better version of themselves. These are people who are interested and curious in themselves and the world. They are people who see the potential for leadership skills that can be used in any role, not only in their own careers, but also for the betterment of their community and of society.

Leaders are made.

Leaders and leaders-in-development are curious. They are not afraid of questions or questioning. They are willing to make the investment in themselves and hold themselves accountable. They are willing to face a bit of discomfort that comes with change and with personal growth. These are the people organizations should cherish. These are the people most likely to reach out for training, mentoring or coaching.

When people embark on these journeys of personal and professional growth in an honest, confidential, psychologically-safe environment, the world becomes a better place.

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