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  • Renato Zane

Here's One Reason Why a Coach Can Be Vital To Your Performance

Want to perform better? Work with a coach to harness your innate powers.

Studies indicate that people learn better through experiential learning and by thinking through particular challenges. This is not the same as finding answers in a book, taking a course or using suggestions from email.

The key to learning lies in the process of answering questions ourselves. It lies in creating new mental pathways and then using them to create constructive habits.

This is why so many successful people use coaches. A coach is not necessarily an expert in a field. A coach asks insightful questions that stimulate the self-learning process. What a coach does is create a safe psychological space for a person to examine issues calmly from different perspectives. Performance is directly connected to mindset. Ask any pro athlete.

If you have someone on your business team who might benefit from this type of support, either to rise to their potential or to improve on some aspect of their performance that may be holding them back, reach out and try a coach.

I am one. We are here to help.

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