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  • Renato Zane

Communication Requires Attention, Consistency and Stamina

Successfully integrating a number of people with different behavioural tendencies on a team is a challenge for CEOs and other organizational leaders. For things to go well, leaders need to effectively communicate their vision, exercise a large amount of emotional intelligence and have plenty of patience. This is so because communication is a two-way street and requires stamina. Parties need to understand each other and confirm they have received and processed the messaging. Teams need to organize accordingly and align. Sending out one email or saying something once, and assuming that communication has occurred, is not realistic. Leaders need to repeat their messages often, receive confirmation and commitment, re-emphasize points and measure progress. This all takes time and energy.

If your business is growing and you are busy focusing on critical tasks or on new leads, consider working with a skilled leadership partner to assist you with your management communication and meetings. Get to know some experienced contractors. Leadership consultants with corporate experience have the advantage of flexible work hours and can assist you with your communication strategies and advance some projects you don’t have time to get to.

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